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In-home veterinary care doesn’t stop with exams and vaccinations. Our veterinarians and technicians can collect blood, urine and fecal samples for further work-up at any home visit. We also can collect cellular samples to evaluate ear infections, abnormal skin conditions and growths. Most lab samples are sent to an off-site laboratory for processing. The majority of the diagnostics that we run have results that are available within 24 hours, much like a brick-and-mortar clinic.

Blood pressure readings can also be performed at an in-home visit and may be more accurate than those performed at a clinic due to the decreased stress a pet experiences in the home. We most often recommend this diagnostic with senior pets, especially those with pre-existing conditions. Our veterinarians and technicians can perform X-rays if needed to evaluate certain internal conditions and injuries. We take X-rays at a local Twin Cities veterinary clinic, and our veterinarians can provide pet transportation to and from the clinic.