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While most pets don’t stray from their homes, it’s always possible that a pet could get lost. Microchips are tiny scannable devices that are implanted under a pet’s skin. Veterinarians and staff at Animal Humane Societies and other rescue organizations use hand-held devices that scan a lost pet for a microchip number. Each microchip number is associated with pet and owner information, including the pet’s name, owner names, and owner contact information so that lost pets can be reunited with their families.

Implanting a microchip is easy — the chip is inserted into the scruff of the neck with a needle, much like giving a vaccine.  Many pet owners request to have their pet microchipped during a spay/neuter surgery, but we can also implant a microchip at any home visit. We will register the microchip number online for you and save that information in your pet’s file in case it is ever needed.