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At House Paws, we understand that many pets do not enjoy going to the vet. Who could blame them? The various elements of a vet visit — including travel in a car, waiting in a lobby with other animals around, and simply spending time in an unfamiliar environment — can be very stressful on a pet. Our veterinarians perform comprehensive in-home examinations so that pets can receive quality care in a stress-free, familiar environment.

We provide the following types of examinations at home:

Each type of examination includes a comprehensive assessment of the pet’s physical health (heart rate, respiratory rate, lung sounds, organ size, skin/hair/coat health and appearance, muscle mass, eye/ear health and appearance, full oral exam to assess dental health, etc.). Our veterinarians are also able to observe and understand a pet’s home environment first-hand, which allows us to tailor our recommendations to each pet and owner. We take pride in providing individualized health recommendations rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.