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FAQ – Online Store

How does AutoShip work?

AutoShip allows you to automatically receive products when you want them by choosing how often you would like those products shipped to you. Your credit card will be charged each time your AutoShip order is placed. Each order will be shipped to the default shipping address stored in your account.

Will I be notified of each AutoShipment?

Yes! You will receive an email 7 days before each AutoShipment. Your email address can be stored and updated in your online account. You can cancel your AutoShip at any point before your order is shipped.

How can I change or update my AutoShip orders?

You can pause, change the frequency of, or cancel your AutoShip orders at any time. Your AutoShip orders will always ship on schedule unless modified through your account. You can view/edit your AutoShip orders at any time through your account.

What if my AutoShip order is a prescription?

All prescriptions require authorization from a veterinarian. If you have a prescription product on AutoShip, your AutoShipment will still be placed, and our veterinarian will be notified. Our veterinarian will either approve the prescription request or recommend a different plan of action. If your prescription request is denied, your credit card will not be charged for that item and the product will not ship.

How can I return a product that I purchased through the online shopping portal?

If you need to return a product that you purchased online, call the Customer Service phone number listed below. You will need to give the customer service representative information about why you need to make the return.

Depending on the weight of the product, the representative will provide you with a shipping label to return the product, or will ask that you return the product to our office/donate it. You will receive a refund on the card that you used to purchase the product.
For any further questions, please contact VetsFirstChoice Customer Service at 888-606-3336.

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