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Serving the Twin Cities Since 2005

House Paws Home Veterinary Care is a mobile vet clinic that services the Twin Cities, MN. Our staff delivers patient-oriented, compassionate and friendly care to all of our clients.

Our mobile services allow you to provide quality health care for your pets while eliminating the stress and anxiety that often occurs with a trip to the vet.

We look forward to building a relationship with you and your pets!

Our History

Dr. Ann Fischer founded House Paws in 2005 because she wanted to care for animals in a personalized way that just isn’t possible in a traditional office setting. She strives to build a relationship with every client in order to create individualized and effective care plans for their pets.

Dr. Ann’s love of animals began with fish and pocket pets as a child and expanded as she studied wildlife while pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in environmental biology at the University of St. Thomas. In 1992, she graduated from the University of Minnesota Veterinary College as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Ann was in private practice for 13 years before she founded House Paws. Since then, we have expanded our practice to reach most of the Twin Cities. We now have two vans on the road, each with a veterinarian and technician, in order to better meet the growing demand for in-home veterinary services!

"I founded House Paws because I wasn’t satisfied with animal health care in a traditional clinic setting. I wanted to provide veterinary care that was more personalized and to build ongoing relationships with my clients. I love working with my clients to create individualized care plans for their pets that are effective and attainable!"

What is a mobile veterinarian?

A mobile veterinarian is just what it sounds like — a veterinarian that travels! At House Paws, we drive to our clients so that their pets can receive health care without ever having to leave the comfort of their home environment. We travel in vans that are stocked with everything needed for a veterinary visit — vaccines, medications, supplements, scales, stethoscopes, etc.

What can a mobile veterinarian do?

As mobile veterinarians, we are still a full-service veterinary practice. During our house-call visits, we perform comprehensive physical exams, give vaccinations, draw blood for lab work, collect urine/fecal samples, bandage wounds, prescribe medications, trim nails, clean ears, and much more! We even partner with a mobile ultrasonographer so that our patients can undergo ultrasounds and echocardiograms at home if needed! We also perform surgical and dental procedures and take X-rays, but these are all done at a local Twin Cities clinic.

What are the benefits of a mobile veterinarian?

Caring for animals at home offers many benefits for both our patients and our clients. Home visits eliminate the stress and anxiety that many pets experience during a trip to the vet clinic and make vet appointments easier on pet owners. Because we come to your home, you don’t have to spend time coaxing your pets into kennels and cars, and you both get to relax in a comforting environment while you wait for us to arrive.

Home visits also offer more time for personalized care in a familiar and pleasant setting. We make sure to allow ample time at each appointment to fully address patient health, as well as any client concerns or questions. For us, being a house-call practice is about providing high-quality veterinary care and prioritizing the needs of our patients and clients, not about squeezing in tons of appointments each day. We get to see each pet’s environment with our own eyes, which helps us to tailor our recommendations and treatments. We want every pet owner to be fully involved in their pet’s care, so we take care to answer questions thoroughly and explain our recommendations. We prefer conversation over instruction, and individualized care over universal approaches.

With a house-call visit, we can see multiple pets at one appointment, saving you time and money. We also offer flexible appointments that may suit your weekday schedule.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for your feline or canine companion.

We believe in educating our clients and allowing them to be the primary decision makers regarding their pet’s health.