Siamese 958: Cleared For Landing

Hey all! Linda Lou the Blog Dog reporting back to you after doing some research on this crazy phenomenon my neighbor cat Donnie told me about. In case you missed my last blog post (check it out here), Donnie said that cats always land on their feet. Personally, I’m all legs so this seemed pretty […]


Cats are Aliens

Linda Lou, avid Dog Blogger, reporting for duty! Today’s blog is more of a story… I had such an interesting encounter, and I had to share it with you all! So I met my neighbor yesterday. His name is Donnie, and he is a cat. We got to chatting and he did the weirdest things! […]


Hit the road, Jack!

Happy August from Linda Lou, your devoted dog blogger! Road trip season is in full swing, and lots of humans are traveling with their pets this year. I can always tell when my humans are getting ready to hit the road. They run around like crazy people, double- and triple-checking everything to make sure we […]


What’s bugging you?

Hey all, it’s Linda Lou the Dog Blogger again! Today I’m itching to share with you some information about bug bites (pun intended!). Insect bites and stings are not something that I personally ever have trouble with, but my sister Connie Mae has horrible reactions to bee and wasp stings. Just check out these pictures. […]