Do you have questions about how to care for your pets at home? Browse through this selection of documents for information about cleaning your pets ears, keeping your cat from scratching, and more!


How to clean your pet's ears

If your pet has had an ear infection, you may need to clean its ears from time to time. This article will show you how!

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How to use Keto-Diastix

Does your pet have diabetes? This article will teach you how to perform a urine glucose test using Keto-Diastix.

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How to collect a urine sample (for a urine cortisol test)

If your pet needs a urine cortisol test, our vet might ask you to collect a urine sample at home. Find out how to do so here!

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How to prevent your cat from scratching.

Scratching is a natural behavior for most cats. But how do you prevent your cat from damaging your furniture or hurting your guests?

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How to hot pack a wound

If our veterinarian has advised you to hot pack your pet's wound at home, take a look at this article for important instructions.

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