Halloween Candy

Halloween is here! Bring on the creative costumes, spooky movies and scrumptious candy! It’s easy to get caught up in all the fun that this holiday brings, but don’t forget about your pets. We’ve already posted this week about the stress and anxiety that pets may experience on Halloween, but we also want to remind […]


Happy National Cat Day!

Happy National Cat Day! To all you cat-lovers out there, take today to make sure your kitty companions know just how special they are! Approximately 60% of House Paws patients are cats. Our vets and techs love all of the cat time they get every day! We know exactly how valuable cats are in this […]


Pet Anxiety on Halloween

Halloween is only a few days away! For many, this is a fun night full of thrills and chills, but for some pets, Halloween truly can be spooky. With all the trick-or-treaters arriving throughout the night, all of those strangers could easily cause stress for your pets! If your pets aren’t too keen on meeting […]


Meet Tina

Good afternoon everyone! My name is Tina Bea, and I was nominated to be the House Paws Pet of the Week! I am 9 years old, but my barkday is coming up! On December 15th, I’ll turn double-digits, and I’m so excited! I don’t really care about being 10, I just know that my mom […]