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Are pets really colorblind?

Linda Lou, Blog Dog reporting for duty! Today I’m going to do away with a common myth about four-leggers. Everybody thinks that us pets can only see in black, white and shades of gray. I am here to tell you that I do see in color, just not in the same range as you do.Let

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Have you heard of Rabbit Fever?

Hey there folks. It’s me, Linda Lou, here to talk about something that I just learned about: a disease called Tularemia, otherwise known as “rabbit fever.” Tularemia can affect dogs, cats and humans, as well as a host of other domestic and wild animals.  A cat in Ramsey County was recently diagnosed with Tularemia, which

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I’m fluffy, not fat!

How many of you have stuck with your New Year’s Resolution? I gotta admit, I’m struggling – but not failing. One of the top resolutions I had was to lose weight and get healthy. I hadn’t noticed how chubby I had become until I tried to fit into my Christmas sweater a month or so

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Is Cannabis cool for canines?

Now that marijuana is legal in Minnesota, and the smoke has cleared a bit, we need to look at how this affects the four-legged population. Cases of Cannabis toxicity have been increasing in companion animals. Pet Poison Hotline has seen over a 400% increase over the past several years for marijuana toxicity in pets. Holy

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Oh Geez, Back to School

Linda Lou here. I am refusing to believe that the dog days of summer are almost gone and it’s time for school to start again. Are you wondering why a dog is worrying about school starting? Well, as it turns out, there are many different kinds of school that the average dog can attend. I

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Chihuahua on the Lam

Linda Lou here to talk about something no pet owner wants to experience – a missing pet. What would be the first thing you would do if you discovered a gate left open and your beloved pup missing from the yard? Unfortunately, many people will face this reality, as statistics show that 1 in 3

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Should you be worried about the dog flu?

Linda Lou Blog Dog, reporting for duty! Today I have a Public Health Announcement. By now, you’ve probably heard about the great Minnesota outbreak of Canine Influenza earlier this year. You know, the one that shut down several shelters a while back? Well, we continue to experience small outbreaks of suspected Canine Influenza throughout the

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May memories become treasures…

Most of us have felt the loss of a treasured companion. The pain and sadness affects each of us in different ways, but we all experience grief. Many of us try to keep the memory of our dearly departed close by, and I would like to share some of the ways that my mom and

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Why does my vet want to see me every year?

I don’t know anybody (canine, feline, or homo sapiens) that likes doctor appointments. The other day, my mom mentioned that she got an email reminder that my sisters and I are due for our annual check-ups. I asked my mom why I have to see the vet every year. I feel fine!  Mom told me

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Ice Ice Chihuahua

Linda Lou, blog dog here. Show of paws, who is ready for spring? Who is sick of this weather causing slippery sidewalks and frosty toes? My backyard is like a chihuahua skating rink. While the warm, sun-filled days that melt the snow are a lovely sight to behold (and bake our little doggy bodies in)

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