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Oh poo, did I just step in… AHHH! I DID!!

Yes, it’s that time of year again folks when people are returning to their yards only to find a winter’s worth of “donations” from their pets gracing the landscape. 

Linda Lou, Blog Dog, here to discuss this annual phenomenon that plagues all dog owners. My parents clean up after us four pups all winter, and still we manage to hide a few surprises until spring. 

Not only is the emergence of these piles both unsightly and offensive to the senses; but it can also pose a health risk to humans and animals alike. I just learned that there are intestinal parasites whose eggs can survive our winters!! (gasp) Isn’t that disturbing? Apparently roundworm and hookworm eggs can survive in the tundra-like conditions that we have here. Gross!

Cleaning up the yard regularly is one way to help prevent a repeat infection of these little freeloaders. Being that both hookworm and roundworm parasites are zoonotic (meaning that both people AND pets can get infected), care must be taken when handling soil or feces that could be contaminated. Always wash your paws after cleaning the yard and digging in the dirt. Try to avoid eating dirt as well (I know most humans don’t, but the warning is there).

Another way to protect us (and you in the long run) is to keep pooches everywhere on year-round parasite control. My sisters and I get a yummy Heartgard chew once a month all year round. This is because Heartgard isn’t just for heart worm prevention — it also deworms against roundworm and hookworm! Who knew?? I thought mom was just being nice when she gives us the tasty chew in the winter months, but in reality she is keeping us worm-free! 

Enjoy the warmer days, encourage your humans to keep your yard clean and ask for Heartgard every month. It’s delicious and highly recommended by me!

Linda Lou, Blog Dog

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