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Is Cannabis cool for canines?

Now that marijuana is legal in Minnesota, and the smoke has cleared a bit, we need to look at how this affects the four-legged population. Cases of Cannabis toxicity have been increasing in companion animals. Pet Poison Hotline has seen over a 400% increase over the past several years for marijuana toxicity in pets. Holy

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Chihuahua on the Lam

Linda Lou here to talk about something no pet owner wants to experience – a missing pet. What would be the first thing you would do if you discovered a gate left open and your beloved pup missing from the yard? Unfortunately, many people will face this reality, as statistics show that 1 in 3

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Movin’ and a Shakin’

Hey everyone! Linda Lou here. I must first apologize for my lack of blogging over the last month. I have been moving and shaking, and I don’t mean in a funky chicken sort of way! I have literally been moving all of my beds, blankies and toys to a new house. This has been an

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Captain Celly, At Your Service!

Linda Lou, Blog Dog reporting for duty! I thought I had an important job keeping you up to date on all of the cutting edge information that I am learning… but my job is nothing compared to the job of my new cousin. Celly is a trained service dog for my Uncle Al. This week

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BOOM goes the dynamite!

Linda Lou here with a few quick tips to help us get through the 4th of July weekend… If your neighborhood is anything like mine, it sounds like a war zone most nights after dark for several days mid-summer. We are talking about wall-shaking booms and a sulfur smell in the air. This can be

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Hit the road, Jack!

Happy August from Linda Lou, your devoted dog blogger! Road trip season is in full swing, and lots of humans are traveling with their pets this year. I can always tell when my humans are getting ready to hit the road. They run around like crazy people, double- and triple-checking everything to make sure we

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A Strong Defense against Dog Flatulence

You’re enjoying a calm, cozy evening with your family… The humans are fed, the dogs are fed, and you’ve just started the next episode of your latest Hulu binge, when all of a sudden you smell something rather unpleasant. Everyone looks around, trying to pinpoint the guilty part. All eyes land on Buddy, your beloved

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My cat has a UTI… or not? A closer look at Feline Idiopathic Cystitis.

Felines tend to experience urinary tract conditions more often than canines. One such condition that appears to be unique to cats is called idiopathic cystitis. This syndrome occurs due to a cat’s inability to handle stress, which produces symptoms similar to a urinary tract infection (UTI) without bacteria being present in the urinary tract. Idiopathic

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National Pet Week: Safely Socializing Your Pet

All animals require socialization to some extent, especially young and active canines. Socializing your dog or cat takes time, patience and lots of repetition. These days, it’s even harder to socialize a pet as we all practice social distancing. Today is the fourth day of National Pet Week, and we’d like to give you some

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