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Caring for Pets in Their Final Days

Caring for a pet is a wonderful, heartfelt experience that brings joy, laughter and friendship to the lives of many individuals and families. Dogs and cats hold a special place in the hearts of their human parents, and watching them grow throughout the years can be a fascinating, fulfilling experience. The responsibility of owning a

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Why should you spay/neuter your pet?

For some pet owners, the decision to spay/neuter their pets is easy and obvious. For others, the reasons aren’t so clear. Some people think it is inhumane to de-sex a pet. Some believe that desexing alters a pet’s behaviors in unnatural ways. Everyone has their own opinion on the topic. As members of the veterinary

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Mammary Tumors

Did you know that dogs and cats can develop mammary cancer too? Mammary tumors are more common in female dogs, but rarely occur in male dogs or cats of either gender. Dogs are at higher risk of developing mammary tumors if they are not spayed, or if they were spayed after the age of two.

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