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Let’s Get Crackalackin’

Hey there, Linda Lou here! I am a very well-adjusted dog right now. Really. I went to see my mom’s friend, Stacie, yesterday because I was walking a little weird and I was holding up my right hand like I was giving everyone the “Peace” sign. 

Dr. Stacie is super nice! She took her time to say hi to me and let me sniff her bag, shoes, pants and everything! Then she sat on the floor so I didn’t have to look up so far to see her. Dr. Stacie put her hands around me and gently pushed on my spine all the way up my back. It felt really weird but yet kinda good. My legs got stretched all the way out, my arms were slowly extended…ooooh. The doc found where it was hurting. She found the exact spot on my back and with a few little tweaks, it was gone! The pain I was having (that I really didn’t know I was having) was gone! 

If you haven’t guessed yet, Dr. Stacie is a chiropractor. She sees dogs, cats and horses. Horses! Those things are HUGE! But that is for another post. I was so excited about feeling better so fast, that I asked my mom (who works for House Paws) how a chiropractor works. She offered to write up a little snippet for this blog post, so that everyone reading can learn about it with me:

Veterinary chiropractic care has been around for many years and is gaining popularity as a supplemental treatment option for many pets. By realigning the musculoskeletal system, and in particular the spine, chiropractors have found that it is possible to improve a pet’s mobility, reduce their pain and enhance their overall quality of life.
There are several symptoms which may indicate an issue with your pet’s back and warrant a chiropractic visit, from changes in temperament to an abnormal gait or hunched posture. While some vertebral subluxations may not cause pain, they often result in stiffness and tension, and can lead to secondary conditions developing, including problems with muscular coordination and mobility. 

This is what I think was happening with me – I’m definitely not the most coordinated dog out there! Here are some of the signs to look out for if you feel your pet may be suffering from a back issue:
  • Sitting with the legs out to the side
  • Obsessively licking the legs or feet
  • Uneven muscle tone
  • Neck or back pain
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Not grooming themselves as often or as well
  • Poor/limited mobility or lameness
  • Difficulty with certain movements, like jumping or climbing stairs
  • Carrying the tail to one side
  • Aggressive, withdrawn or unsocial behavior

If you see your pet experiencing any of the above, call your veterinarian and discuss with them if they feel a chiropractic visit would help your furry friend. I am sure glad my mom called Dr. Stacie!

Linda Lou, the Well-Adjusted Blog Dog
Getting tasty treats!
Getting adjusted...
Found the owie spot!

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