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Meet Carman

We probably haven’t met yet… I’m only in the House Paws office a few times per month. My name is Carman and I’m Michon’s best furry friend! The House Paws humans want to introduce all of their pets (there’s a lot of us) and I’m up to bat.

Michon and I have been hanging out for a while now. She thinks I’m the best. Which is true. I’m literally the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet! Don’t believe me? Just ask my mom.

I get along with every human and animal I meet, and I even leave the squirrels and bunnies in my yard alone. My mom gets kind of annoyed about that. Apparently she doesn’t like the squirrels and bunnies in her yard… don’t ask me why.

I really enjoy sunbathing. There’s nothing better than a good nap in the sun. Oh and back scratches! I live for those. But my favorite time of day is mealtime. Sometimes mom is running behind and dinner is later than normal. Boy, I hate that. And I let her know — I can be sassy when I want to be, and I’ve got quite the impressive bark!

Another thing you should know about me — I’m very particular about my water. If it’s been sitting in the bowl for a while, I’m not going to drink it. First of all, who in their right mind would want to drink old water? Not me! It’s gross. Second of all, I’m a princess. I deserve a constant supply of fresh water. And lucky for me, I’ve got a really awesome mom who spoils me silly.

Well it was very nice to meet you all. Maybe I’ll see you around the House Paws office sometime. I’m usually there on Mondays!

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