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Should you be worried about the dog flu?

Linda Lou Blog Dog, reporting for duty! Today I have a Public Health Announcement. By now, you’ve probably heard about the great Minnesota outbreak of Canine Influenza earlier this year. You know, the one that shut down several shelters a while back? Well, we continue to experience small outbreaks of suspected Canine Influenza throughout the

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Why does my vet want to see me every year?

I don’t know anybody (canine, feline, or homo sapiens) that likes doctor appointments. The other day, my mom mentioned that she got an email reminder that my sisters and I are due for our annual check-ups. I asked my mom why I have to see the vet every year. I feel fine!  Mom told me

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My dog could get Leptospir-what?

Keeping up with all of your dog’s wellness needs can be overwhelming. There’s the annual wellness exams, heart worm and tick tests, monthly preventatives, nail trims, routine lab screens and all of those vaccines. Staying on top of everything is challenging and certainly can be expensive, but your precious pup is well worth it! Plus,

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World Rabies Day

Saturday is World Rabies Day! This day is meant to raise awareness of the effects rabies has on human and animal health. What is Rabies? It’s a contagious virus that affects humans and animals, causing madness and convulsions. Rabies is spread through saliva, and it is most often contracted through an animal bite – although

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