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Meet River

We’ve been thinking…we spend so much time getting to know you and all of your fabulous pets, but many of you have never met our own furry family members! To make up for this, each week we will be featuring a different staff pet, starting with the one who has been with us since the beginning. Today we are pleased to introduce River Sally Fischer.

River is Dr. Ann’s sassy Shih Tzu. She is 15 years old and has been toleratingu00a0House Paws since our office took over her home in 2005! Since she was a pup, River has loved waking up to a lengthy belly rub. She insists on being the center of attention and will demand that attention if needed! She has a terrible sense of smell and couldn’t sniff out a treat if it were right in front of her, but she makes up for her inadequate sniffer with her humorous personality and adorable puppy stare.

These days, River spends most of her time napping. In between naps, she loves to be outdoors. River will constantly circle the house and yard, looking for new smells and keeping an eye on the neighborhood. She has become a grouchy, lovable old lady, and our office wouldn’t be the same without her! If you see a small dog roaming the outdoors next time you’re at our office, say hi to River! She will certainly expect a tummy rub and a treat.

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