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Happy National Cat Day!

Happy National Cat Day! To all you cat-lovers out there, take today to make sure your kitty companions know just how special they are!

Approximately 60% of House Paws patients are cats. Our vets and techs love all of the cat time they get every day! We know exactly how valuable cats are in this big world. Cats love their owners unconditionally and are wonderful companions. They have such unique personalities that spread lots of laughter and joy. Cats are witty and intelligent beings, and they really do rule their households!

So how can you celebrate National Cat Day (other than spending the whole day snuggling with your very own kitty)? We have some ideas…

You could adopt: There are so many cats in local shelters and rescues that are in need of a wonderful, supportive home. Consider expanding your furry family this month!

You could donate: Rescue organizations like Feline Rescue and Animal Humane Society rely entirely on donations from generous people like you. You could give a monetary donation, or donate blankets, food, and toys. If you’d rather not donate money or resources, donate your time! Rescue organizations are constantly in need of volunteers and foster families. Here are links to some local rescues: Do you have any ill or elderly friends or family members who have a cat? Celebrate National Cat Day by helping those individuals with their pet care needs — clean the litter box, pick up a refill of cat food, or just spend an hour or two playing with their kitty.

We hope you and your fur babies have a wonderful day together!

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