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Let’s Talk Chips

Are you on the fence about microchipping your pet? Maybe you don’t really understand the benefits of it, or you feel it may be a waste of money? Let us give you a few reasons why microchipping your pet may be one of the most important things that you can do for your furry friends.
  1. It could literally save their life. While wearing visual identification like a collar and tags is very important (and the easiest way to help your pet find their way home if they ever became lost), collars can be misplaced. A microchip with updated information may be the only way to mark your pet as a loved family member versus a stray at the shelter.
  2. Microchips are permanent. If your pet is stolen, you can prove that they are yours legally. It is hard to fathom that someone may be so cruel as to take a pet from a loving family, but unfortunately it does happen.
  3. Implanting a chip is not difficult. It can be done at a regular veterinary visit, and most pets don’t even realize they’ve been chipped. A quick poke by a skilled professional, and you are halfway to protecting your loved one! You do need to register the chip number as soon as possible. Oftentimes your vet will register the microchip for you, saving you the hassle! A chip that is not registered does not do your pet any good, because there is no way to look up your contact information if your pet’s chip was ever scanned.
Some of you might be thinking, “What if my cat is indoors-only? Microchips aren’t necessary, right?” Unfortunately any kitty can escape for any number of reasons. Most of the time, indoor cats don’t wear collars and will be at risk of being considered a stray if picked up by animal control. We recommend microchipping indoor cats, because it offers some peace of mind in the event of an escape.

Microchipping is an inexpensive option when you consider the security it brings to you and your fuzzy buddy. There is a one time fee, and the only “maintenance” required it to update your contact information if it ever changes. We protect our pets every day by keeping them current on their necessary vaccines, giving them monthly parasite prevention, and providing them with safe and loving homes. Microchips are just one more level of protection to help keep Mittens and Fido in our lives for as long as possible!

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