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Have you heard of Rabbit Fever?

Hey there folks. It’s me, Linda Lou, here to talk about something that I just learned about: a disease called Tularemia, otherwise known as “rabbit fever.” Tularemia can affect dogs, cats and humans, as well as a host of other domestic and wild animals.  A cat in Ramsey County was recently diagnosed with Tularemia, which

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Let’s Check You for Ticks!

Those are some of the most dreaded words we hear as dogs, second only to “It’s time for a tubby!” Although I kinda like baths… I’m weird that way. But I digress… Hey ladies and gents! It’s me, Linda Lou, your favorite chihuahua blogger. If you missed my introduction post, you can check it out

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Fleas & Ticks: Part 2

Yesterday we opened our conversation about these pesky parasites by explaining the differences between fleas and ticks and discussing the harm they can cause to your pets. If you missed this post, make sure to check it out before jumping into Part 2! Today we’d like to talk about flea and tick preventatives and why

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Fleas & Ticks: Part 1

Ticks are still out! Despite popular belief, ticks are crawling around Minnesota all year, even in the winter. Last month we discussed ticks and the diseases they carry. This week we would like to share some information with you about two different tick and flea preventatives: Frontline Gold and Nexgard. Let’s start off by discussing

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Ticks in the Winter

Did you know that ticks are out in the winter too? That’s right! On any day that temperatures reach 33*F, ticks come crawling up out of the grass looking for a food source… and that source could be your dog or cat! Many people wonder if their dogs and cats can transmit tick-borne diseases to

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