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Meet Tina

Good afternoon everyone! My name is Tina Bea, and I was nominated to be the House Paws Pet of the Week!

I am 9 years old, but my barkday is coming up! On December 15th, I’ll turn double-digits, and I’m so excited! I don’t really care about being 10, I just know that my mom is going to do something extra special for me because she loves me so much. Plus it’ll make my sisters jealous, which I always think is funny. I have 3 sisters — Connie, Linda, and Pearl — and they are all chihuahuas, just like me. My mom calls us the “fleas.” I think because we’re tiny, but I’m really not sure.

I’m the princess of our pack. My other sisters really like to run around, play, and explore. I prefer to relax. I love napping in the sun and having my back scratched. I’m also a very healthy dog — I love my fruits and veggies! Blueberries are a particular favorite of mine. But don’t worry, I never get those confused with grapes. I know grapes are bad for my kind! My mom would never allow me to get close to a grape anyway. I also think it’s very important to maintain good dental hygiene. Every night, my parents ask us girls if we want to “brush our teeth.” I get so excited, because this means it’s time for my Greenie!

Mom and Dad take me for car rides and boat rides all the time. I love the way my beautiful fur feels as it’s blowing in the breeze. It makes me feel like a supermodel, and it’s super relaxing. Did I mention that I love to relax? Sometimes my humans will try to take us out on walks. For some reason they think this sounds fun… I just don’t get it. Why would I want to walk, when I could just be carried? I mean, really?? But Mom and Dad are finally smartening up…if you look at my pictures, you’ll see one of my Dad walking some of us gals. I’m the one in the backpack.

Well it was lovely meeting you all today. Next time you’re in the office, please say hi. If I haven’t met you before, I’ll probably be a bit shy at first. But if you come find me and give me a nice armpit scratch, soon we’ll be great friends!

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