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Meet Pearl

Only 12 more days until Christmas!!! ☃️🎄This will be my first Christmas in Minnesota, and I am soooooo excited to celebrate with my new parents and sisters. Hi everyone, I’m Pearl Marie! I am the newest addition to the House Paws Chihuahua Pack, and I’m also the Pet of the Week!

I moved up here from Texas a few months ago when my mom and dad (Sue and Mike) adopted me. I tell ya, I am so lucky they picked me. I had a ton of skin problems before that were causing me to itch ALL the time and lose my fur. Thanks to the unconditional love of my new parents, I’m much more comfortable now, and my fur is growing in healthy and shiny.

❄️So I’m still not sure I’m sold on Minnesota – the snow is really pretty, but its way colder than down South. I guess it was worse when I was practically naked…now that my hair is coming back it’s a little less drafty 🤔 And my mom dresses me up all pretty in tons of cute outfits! I spend most of my days burrowed up in the plethora of warm, fuzzy blankets that are scattered around the House Paws office and my house. Winter is nice, and I like being all snuggly, but I’m still counting down the days to T-shirt weather.

I’m kind of a daddy’s girl. He feeds me all sorts of exotic foods that I’ve never had before. Pickles are definitely my favorite so far. But who knows what other delicious samples are in my future!

So guess what! I turn 13 next month 🥳If anyone wants to get me a present… Also, my sister Tina Bea turns 10 on Sunday! You met her last month when she was Pet of the Week. She was pretty sad that she didn’t get to be featured again this week (don’t tell her I said this, but she kind of likes to be center of attention 🤫👸) so I told her I’d tell everyone all about her birthday so she didn’t feel left out. She may be a little spoiled, but she’s my sister and I love her so much 💕

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