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Movin’ and a Shakin’

Hey everyone! Linda Lou here. I must first apologize for my lack of blogging over the last month. I have been moving and shaking, and I don’t mean in a funky chicken sort of way! I have literally been moving all of my beds, blankies and toys to a new house. This has been an

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Sh*d Happens

Linda Lou here to discuss those magical fibers of love that all of us pets leave behind to let our people know just how much we love them. While most shedding is normal, there is such a thing as too much shedding. I would like to take this time to discuss what would cause a

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Is that a PITBULL?

Linda Lou, Blog Dog reporting in… Unfortunately the above reaction is what some breeds get when the public spots them out and about. I feel really bad when someone sees me or my sisters and calls us ankle biters. We would never bite an ankle. Eww. So, what exactly is a “pit bull”? Well, it

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Captain Celly, At Your Service!

Linda Lou, Blog Dog reporting for duty! I thought I had an important job keeping you up to date on all of the cutting edge information that I am learning… but my job is nothing compared to the job of my new cousin. Celly is a trained service dog for my Uncle Al. This week

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Frito Feet with a Side of Guac

Linda Lou, Blog Dog, back again! Today’s blog post is a rather exciting one…I’m going to unravel one of life’s most interesting mysteries for you! Strap on your seatbelts, people and furry beings… Have you ever lifted up the corner of a blanket to peek at your dog and been met with an overwhelming smell

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BOOM goes the dynamite!

Linda Lou here with a few quick tips to help us get through the 4th of July weekend… If your neighborhood is anything like mine, it sounds like a war zone most nights after dark for several days mid-summer. We are talking about wall-shaking booms and a sulfur smell in the air. This can be

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Bon Voyage!

With Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, many of us are gearing up for boating season! Let’s face it, boating and summer go paw and paw in Minnesota. There’s nothing like racing across the water, wind in your fur, ears flapping in the breeze. Or a quick dip into the cool water in the middle

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Oh poo, did I just step in… AHHH! I DID!!

Yes, it’s that time of year again folks when people are returning to their yards only to find a winter’s worth of “donations” from their pets gracing the landscape.  Linda Lou, Blog Dog, here to discuss this annual phenomenon that plagues all dog owners. My parents clean up after us four pups all winter, and

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All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Linda Lou, Blog Dog here to discuss something that I never took seriously. Until this past Monday. Monday morning started kind of weird, with my papa only giving me a small amount of food. He added in some drops of medicine, which got my guard up. The food still tasted yummy though, so I didn’t

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Let’s Get Crackalackin’

Hey there, Linda Lou here! I am a very well-adjusted dog right now. Really. I went to see my mom’s friend, Stacie, yesterday because I was walking a little weird and I was holding up my right hand like I was giving everyone the “Peace” sign.  Dr. Stacie is super nice! She took her time

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